Sailor Pride – Ace Pluto

An Ace Aesthetic of my queen, Sailor Pluto!!!!

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Tentacle Files 03: Pride Month for a Squid

If it isn’t noticeable already, I don’t often speak on my sexuality and gender.

I prefer it to remain in the background of who I am and what I do as a creator and I tend not to speak on it unless it becomes relevant – which is rarely does. Not many have this luxury and those that do, often choose not to use it, but I do and I take full advantage of that ambiguity.

However, it’s Pride Month and I’m feeling inspired, compelled, whatever about who and what I am in the ever-growing spectrum that is LGBT and the call for inclusion. So, here’s a bit about this side of me that is one wriggling tentacle among many. Not so much celebratory, but rather a:

“I’ve always been here; you just didn’t notice me.”

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Staring Down the Wolf Part 1 (Black Leopard Red Wolf)

            Welcome back to the Cerebral Hedonist. I’m your Scholarly Squid, Harli V. Park and we’re discussing part one of Black Leopard Red Wolf. So, sit back and relax. Here comes a thought on:

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Tentacle Files 02: Healthy Negativity is a Neccessary Positivity(Reviews)

An ongoing conversation that, once upon a time, was not placed under such scrutiny were negative reviews. Before the very abrupt maturation of the information age, these things called literary magazines, journals, and papers existed – and surprisingly still do – and were once the number one source for book reviews. All were written by highly educated figures, well-read authors, and people who were immersed in the literary world and storytelling whether it be through journalism or just being an editor. None thought to question their point-of-view and most of all, if you disagreed or if the author hated that review there weren’t many avenues for confrontation and retaliation. In general, few cared enough to dwell on it for long.

Now, we have internet.

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Ink Spills For All! (Commissions)

Hi guys,

I’m in a bit of need of support, but I don’t expect somethign for nothing. Thusly, I have opened up comissions for the masses. If you’re in the market for an Avatar or Character or somethign of the like, I’ll be happy to hear the details and make it.

They’re $25 a piece and I’m opening 6 slots.

So if you’re down, send me a message through Twitter or Email me at

Thanks guys as always. Spread the Word!!

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Okay so I am seriously horrible at finishing what I start when I attempt challenges. This is because I get intimidated and then discouraged the moment I fall even minutely behind. Catching up in itself becomes such a daunting task that eventually, I just give up. My anxiety and the jerk who lives in my brain are dickwaffles.

Nothing really to be done about it!

However, thanks to my well-read friends at the StrippedCoverLit, I found out about a neat thing called #hotandsticky — a summer challenge that is surprisingly flexiable and allows for my particularly atypical brain. Adrien explains the gist of his method this year which I’m going to be following since I have no idea what I’m doing.

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The Scholarly Squid – Harli

Artwork by Harli V. Park

June Updates – The Story So Far (Soft Re-Launch)

So, it’s my birthday month!


Yes, I am the dreaded Gemini your New Age friend warned you about.

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The Tentacle Files 01: The Diminishing Human Element

As we all know, there are some very loud conversations going on about diversity, representation, and, my favorite, problematic content. To elaborate, that would be: does potentially offensive, and/or triggering content have a place in creative media, (fiction, art, film, etc.)?

The Answer is yes.

The Answer is always YES!

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May Updates – The Story So Far (Lost Temples of March and April!)

Despite the speed in which thing undulate in my life, my optimism has managed not to tank. I actually have more than I originally started with. Taking breaks to focus on creation, pushing forward o projects I kept having to slow down on while others I have let stagnate because fuck if I know how to balance or where to go next with them. So for now, let’s show you what I’ve been up to.

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist and Here Comes a thought on Spring 2019!

If you follow my YouTube Channel, you’ll see I’ve been both quite busy on it and in the same breath neglectful. Making videos has become something I love and yet the same time very time consuming, especially when I’ve only begun to find my style within YouTuber life. There’s been a lot of headaches with being involved in the book community that honestly have turned me off on being active in it, but I’m more or less using that hesitancy to focus on my own shit. At the end, that’s where your focus wants to be. I’m loving how I’m structuring the videos and reviews now which has given birth to this beautiful thing:

The Introduction to Staring Down the Wolf

This is the start of my discussion series for Black Leopard Red Wolf, a book that has been so polarizing to people that they’re turning to making shit up about it. I’m kidding. It’s been mostly a slew of negative and positive reviews and I’m leaning in the positive zone because god it is so good! If you want to get in on it, I’ll be announcing every new part on my twitter or you could just subscribe. Do what you do!

Well Harli how’s the writing going?

Fucking Amaze Balls!!!!!

I had to shelve Transient for the time being because the more I worked on it, the more I began to hate it, and there is one thing I never want to go back to is hating my own work. It was actually getting to a point of depressing me. So I put it away and am letting it sit until I can make it more coherent cause god if it ain’t a dumpster fire.

This opened the door for me to return to Oracle (I really need to change this title, christ!) – my Norse inspired Magitech epic. I’ve been so into it that I’ve been doing real world building, real manuscript drafting, real concept art – which I will publish here when its in a good visual state. I don’t have a very good summary for it as its still being written, but essentially, you’re looking at Final Fantasy meets Norse Mythology with some Game of Thrones sprinkles all over it. If its something that might interest you guys, I may start sharing some world building notes on here as I flesh it out.

The world of Yggdrasil has become so massive and dense that countless stories are snuggly hidden within every root, branch and leaf! It’s certainly making me happy and giving me enthusiasm and it allows me to keep my horror elements deeply ingrained in it. But it’s a very large story and going to take some time. I’m really enjoying creating the history and the mythology within. I’m stupid freaking excited to share it but I know its prudent to wait until it actually makes sense. I know I jump the gun a lot; I’m learning!

So with the channel and the writing and just everything becoming more cohesive, I can finally devote sometime to here as well. I’m backlogging a lot of things I want to post here – namely more short stories and art, so I’m looking at a mid-June regular dump of content. I’m just happy I got a good catalogue going. It’s taken a lot of work, a lot of silence, and lot of isolation, but that’s where I create my best work.

For the improvement of my writing, I’ve discovered the Wonderbook by Jeff Vandemeer!

This is surprisingly not like regular writing books providing you with arbitrary rules of what will help you make the perfect book that agents will love and surely get you publish. No, this book has a unlearning process in chapter one where brigns you back into contact with your imagination and everything that made it work. It let’s you know that it’s okay to be impractical! It’s okay to let your imagination run away with you! I plan to do a few blog posts from this book to show you just what its inspired in me and what it’s made me think about! It’s bubbled up a lot of things I’d lost over the years and reminded me of just how broad my imagination can be.


Essentially March April and the first half of May were my months where figured out a better way to achieve what I want and it’s getting more and more clear. So understand I’ll be blessing you with fount of wisdom and making my 31st year of life one that counts for something amazing.

Thank you guys for continuing to come and thank you for always being here. If you want to support me, I’d appreciate some comments, some likes, some follows and to check out my Youtube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram! Come and see the Squid make moves!!!

Stay Well Read!

-Harli V. Park-