The Holy Dove that Moved in You

Margaret Mitchell Vamp AU


“I told you I would save her, Hawthorne…
“And by your sinI have…” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Holy Dove that Moved in You –

Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

Pairing: Margaret/Hawthorne

Theme: Demon/Priest AU

A refugee from the Civil War, Margaret takes shelter at a church where Hawthorne resides. After becoming friends and close to more, Margaret is involved in a horrible carriage accident that renders her comatose leaving Hawthorne only to pray for her recovery. However, when prayer no longer seem plausible and the doctors ask that Margaret be euthanized humanely, Hawthorne has a crisis of faith and depression feeling lost and guilty. As he begs to make it right, a Russian seeks sanctuary in his church… and offers to save Margaret out of “kindness”…

So, an idea I had for an Au fanfic that I don’t have time to write right now, so I’ll just post art for it. And Yes that’s red in her pupils.

Hope you like the arts >w< I really enjoyed designing that back

Harli V Park

Burn Bitter

A beautiful piece of writing there you go. :3

Paris Montgomery

God’s name used to be honey. Thick. Sweet. A taste that settled heavenly on your tongue and pleased you to speak. You served ever grateful, just for the sip of his name as it uttered from your lips.

Now, it’s a tar. Too bitter – it puckers at your lips. The sludge of it clings and clogs in your throat, bubbles up when you try to speak. One little word, once a sweet balm within your mouth leaves acrid little ulcers along your tongue and spews out like bile to burn cracked lips.

Yet as you lay at Hell’s floor, looking up, up, towards that which you forsook, you speak it still. The agony of it burns just as the deathly aching cold of Hell burns. Will the bitter break and bring sweet succor back to you? You hope it does. You pray it, even if your prayers echo hollowly…

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15 Degrees Skyward: At Dusk

In case you haven’t read:

To Prologue: Prelude to Dreams

“Come on, Nate. You knew what this was about.”

“No, obviously I didn’t.”

She scoffed, shaking her head and keeping her eyes from meeting his. “Look, it was fun. I enjoyed it really. But, I can’t imagine why you thought there’d be anything in it. We’re just in the same Art Club. You draw good, you helped us win our scholarships and we had a little fun on the side.  Leave it there.”

He licked his lips and slid his hand up into his hair, pushing it back from his face as he blinked rapidly. Pushing away the confusion, disappointment, and quite heavy embarrassment he felt wasn’t so simple but the gesture helped. He lifted his eyes to her even though she refused to look at him, to give him attention, to give him closure despite the cruelty of her words. No, he couldn’t blame her. Nothing had been promised. Nothing had been set in stone. There wasn’t even a confession before this day and it had come from him.

So why did he still feel so damn used?

Nate nodded and said nothing else. He grabbed his bag and his sketchbook and left the room.

“Nate…wait, we’re about to start.”

He ignored her opening the door and heading out into the hall. There was someone standing there as he brushed past but his mind wouldn’t register. That was probably why he jerked when his arm was grabbed and he whipped around with a nasty glare. He stared at the darkly freckled face of one of his classmates, whose name he couldn’t even think about now. There was something. Something in passing. Something subtle that flashed between them, almost like a darkening but he was already jerking away. He didn’t even bother to look back at her or even acknowledge that she had touched him. Instead, he made his way down the hall while the girl stood there, eyes keen on him and lips slightly parted with words stuck in her throat. Continue reading

15 Degrees Skyward: Prelude to Dreams

“Dad – ”

“Mom – ”

“I made a friend today…”


“What’s your name?”

“I want to write – ”

“I want to draw – ”


“Let me write for you – ”

“Let me draw for you – ”


Her freckles were black. That’s what caught my eye. I still can’t stop staring at them…

His hair was pretty. That’s what gave me pause. Even now, my fingers itch to touch it…


“Let me dream with you…”

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It’s Monday… Ew…

Hey guys.

It’s been a while.

I’ve been going through a lot since my last post. Being sick both physically and mentally has put a real damper on my social media posting, but it hasn’t stopped my writing. So there are a lot of projects and things to read coming that I want to discuss.

So! Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist and here comes an update!!!


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