Imogen the Silent (Ink Spills)

Imogen Fairweather – the Silent

No Words.

No Sound.

Even when she steps. Even when she twirls. There is no gentle woosh, not rhythmic tap. There is only her. Only lithe limb and flow of hair.

She dances.


Because if she doesn’t.

You’ll never know she’s there.

A Commission for @katscratchlite

His beautiful character Imogen Fairweather, a mute… unicorn? I dunno but she’s gorgeous and I enjoy drawing her.



Felix Can Get It – Antiquity’s Gate Book 1 Review

It’s not often that a reading slump takes you so hard but when it does, it feels like nothing you read feels good, or worse, it drains your energy to even look at the page. Then, when you’ve abandoned hope entirely, something wonderful happens. You’re sparked by an intriguing, anime as fuck cover, with two steely-eyed bishonen who are on a mission. Gorgeous art, great premise and the promise of a whole new world the moment you read the first page!

The best part, it was an indie author. I chose this one on my own guys, and she actually let me have that ARC!

As always, I never miss!

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist! I’m the Scholarly Squid and here comes a thought on:

If you’d like to Watch the Youtube Video Click This Line
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Sailor Pride – Ace Pluto

An Ace Aesthetic of my queen, Sailor Pluto!!!!

Comissions Are Still Open!!!

-Harli V. Park-

Tentacle Files 03: Pride Month for a Squid

If it isn’t noticeable already, I don’t often speak on my sexuality and gender.

I prefer it to remain in the background of who I am and what I do as a creator and I tend not to speak on it unless it becomes relevant – which is rarely does. Not many have this luxury and those that do, often choose not to use it, but I do and I take full advantage of that ambiguity.

However, it’s Pride Month and I’m feeling inspired, compelled, whatever about who and what I am in the ever-growing spectrum that is LGBT and the call for inclusion. So, here’s a bit about this side of me that is one wriggling tentacle among many. Not so much celebratory, but rather a:

“I’ve always been here; you just didn’t notice me.”

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Staring Down the Wolf Part 1 (Black Leopard Red Wolf)

            Welcome back to the Cerebral Hedonist. I’m your Scholarly Squid, Harli V. Park and we’re discussing part one of Black Leopard Red Wolf. So, sit back and relax. Here comes a thought on:

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Tentacle Files 02: Healthy Negativity is a Neccessary Positivity(Reviews)

An ongoing conversation that, once upon a time, was not placed under such scrutiny were negative reviews. Before the very abrupt maturation of the information age, these things called literary magazines, journals, and papers existed – and surprisingly still do – and were once the number one source for book reviews. All were written by highly educated figures, well-read authors, and people who were immersed in the literary world and storytelling whether it be through journalism or just being an editor. None thought to question their point-of-view and most of all, if you disagreed or if the author hated that review there weren’t many avenues for confrontation and retaliation. In general, few cared enough to dwell on it for long.

Now, we have internet.

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Ink Spills For All! (Commissions)

Hi guys,

I’m in a bit of need of support, but I don’t expect somethign for nothing. Thusly, I have opened up comissions for the masses. If you’re in the market for an Avatar or Character or somethign of the like, I’ll be happy to hear the details and make it.

They’re $25 a piece and I’m opening 6 slots.

So if you’re down, send me a message through Twitter or Email me at

Thanks guys as always. Spread the Word!!

-Harli V. Park-


Okay so I am seriously horrible at finishing what I start when I attempt challenges. This is because I get intimidated and then discouraged the moment I fall even minutely behind. Catching up in itself becomes such a daunting task that eventually, I just give up. My anxiety and the jerk who lives in my brain are dickwaffles.

Nothing really to be done about it!

However, thanks to my well-read friends at the StrippedCoverLit, I found out about a neat thing called #hotandsticky — a summer challenge that is surprisingly flexiable and allows for my particularly atypical brain. Adrien explains the gist of his method this year which I’m going to be following since I have no idea what I’m doing.

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The Scholarly Squid – Harli

Artwork by Harli V. Park

June Updates – The Story So Far (Soft Re-Launch)

So, it’s my birthday month!


Yes, I am the dreaded Gemini your New Age friend warned you about.

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