March Update: The Story So Far!

February got real serious at the end there. Sometimes it be like that.


Log the Day 05: Death of a Nation

You aren't perfect, but you are not your mistakes... and neither is your art.

The Language of Fear: a Women in Horror Guest Post with Harli V. Park

My very first guest blog guys. I’m so excited, it looks so good. ;w;

Julie Hutchings

TODAY’S BREW: Mocha something from Target

(this part) by Julie 

A self-described squid, this talent-tentacled force somehow manages to cohesively put her work into the world through so many ways, I don’t even know how I can give her justice. Harli’s blog (click here) gives you plenty to dive into, but follow her on Instagram and where I found her, Twitter because she is a veritable whirlwind of art and subconscious brilliance come to life.

The Language of Fear 


Harli V. Park 


The entirety of fiction is based around the Known.  

I’m sure its expected that as a horror writer, you think I meant the unknown and that’s just a type. Nope. The known and how we compartmentalize it is something that has and always will be staple in how we as writers create. The best part of being a writer is translating the known with our…

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Tomi and the Quest for Blackness – Children of Blood and Bone

We as blacks have a bad habit of taking what we can get as long as it looks similar to our dreams.

Eppur Si Muove

This Life…refuses to die.