Caught Up in a Bad Fanfiction (This was Cleverer in My Head)

Those still writing their fanfiction and loving it, keep going because you are loved. Those who are aspiring to transcend their fanfiction, carry on my wayward writers because you'll get there!


The Short Story That Won’t End

"Its a bit funny isn't it?" she says suddenly, cutting his thoughts short. "It always starts like this doesn't it? A perfect stranger sitting in the focal point of some public establishment. Glaringly obvious to the point that they aren't obvious at all, but are actually most insignificant. Until of course that one detail catches the eye, captures curiosity and feeds it until it grows into unseemly obsession." He didn't have words and even if he did, he was far too distracted by that exquisite and unnatural shade of blue tincture that colored her glasses...more so than the woman they wore. "Yes...." she said over the brim of her cup. "This is how it always starts."

The Cricket Only I Can Hear (Or what even is me blogging)

With that in mind, that cricket is back and he needs to start paying rent.

Mindless Self-Indulgence (In Other Words)

To be somewhat conclusive, the entirety of In Other Words feels very much like Lahiri is having an identity crisis.

Scary, Not Scary!

When I'm coaxed into a conversation about my horror writing, the first thing people ask is "is it scary."