Hanging in Revolution


Inner peace… 

 Unobtainable when the world is turning 

 Spinning on it’s axis as I spin on your axis 

 Challenging your rotation with my perspectives 

 And balancing your magnetic fields instead of my own 


Yet being tangled in your revolution I’ve lost the balance of mine 

 I’ve forgotten the field of light 

The auroras that used to be my magnetic pull 

 And just how gorgeous that phenomenon was 

 The phenomenon that was me… 

 And so these words that you say pull at the tides

 That were once the gravitation

 In which I revolved with you 

Turning me against you and reversing who I was 

 When I was a heavenly body of my own 

 Revolving around the sun 


 You left me hanging in your revolution 


 But my lunar pull, my tides have returned 

 And slowly I begin to turn once again 

 Around a sun that has always been mine 

 For stars that have shined long before

 You ever began to rotate… 


 And slowly I become 

 Slowly I begin my revolution…

– Harli V. Park –

April 24, 2015



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