Collision in the wake

Of misconstrued madness that is

The universal zeitgeist



Crawling at slow pace

Disintegrating; integrating

Becoming and knowing

While what matters disappears

In ways that matter cannot



Are you listening?


Who isn’t?

Who can’t know it?

The singular moment

That starcrossed becomes starbound

And the axis of your whole worlds tilts

The string no longer theory

And breaking laws physically

That once governed heavenly bodies

Until you and me?



Do you feel it?



The stardust

Particle brush off, burn off

That makes you and I and you and me

Until universe and cosmos become we

And we stop pretending that solar flares

Can scorch our retinas, minds, and skin

When only they can scrape frozen bites of iron

Compared to the nova you create from me

And the collapse I create in you



Is it real?



At the moment of truth

When you learn to collapse me

And we no longer brush by on atomic rings

But literally collide and become

Becoming the explosion

Big Bang sounding superfluous

So base against the rays we burn

Into the nothingness of space

When we become far too full

Far too high on the energy and reaction

Generated through flawed fingertips

And incandescent lips

As we become stellar

Beyond human comprehension and compulsion

And even repulsion far too out of their scope

As we take away the complex and the simple

Leaving only just…

We react



Are you still with me?



In that moment we are not so easy as life

Not so dismissive as death

Cosmically aligned

We are star-crossed

Flowing madly in and out of time




-Harli V. Park –

April 22, 2015


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