My Demographic: Humans I Hope…

As I continue to toil and slave over my manuscript trying to bring it to a state of readability, I continuously run into this terrible block that can only be described as an intrinsic fear that I have harbored since I first put pen to paper.

I am a writer.

At the very core of my life it is what I always have been. I’ve always been a writer since I was in elementary, creating picture books that my family thought were cute and my teachers called talented.

That being said, the intrinsic fear that no one will want to read what I as a writer have created.

I’m sure its a fear many writers experience when they write in hopes of being published. But I’m sure most people have already decided on their demographic, their “audience.” I have yet to concretely chose. But I suppose I could be dangerous and say I have no idea who my demographic is or even that I don’t have one.

I have no idea who I want to read my books or who is going to read my books, but I hope they’re awesome people and I hope they enjoy them.

Often it seems like being an author is a constant stretch to appeal to a certain genre or worse to people who like the stylistic choices of certain authors and you as the writer are expected to emulate them for marketability. Because writing is a business and being unable to market a book is quite a sin.

So what on earth could I say my demographic is? Who is my audience?

The only answer I could give any publisher or agent is “people.” People are my demographic. I may not have the liking of all people but if some people like the story and it resonates as something enjoyable to them then I’ve reached my demographic. I, myself, have never been part of or limited to a demographic as far as books go. My reading stretches across subject, genres, and age groups so I suppose I seek to intrigue people like me who are not categorized by a marketing strategy and hang just on the edge where advertising and intriguing stories barely meet as far as my enjoyment is concerned.

I want the worlds I created to reach out for those people just outside the lines who can’t decide if they’re a horror fan, a romance fan, a sci-fan, etc. as well as to those who already know what they are but just want to dip their toe into something new. I suppose more than anything, I want my demographic to be people whose imaginations can resonate with mine and see what I see and find as much wonder there as I do.

So…what’s my demographic? Is it you?

-Harli V. Park –


2 thoughts on “My Demographic: Humans I Hope…

  1. When you’re not yet published, you have the luxury of writing for yourself without deadlines. Ergo, write for you. Not for me, or other readers, potential readers or past readers. Write for you. Demographics is marketing, which comes after you have a finished product, and it may be that you have help with that side of things anyway, when the time comes! x

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  2. Most of a successful writer’s best work happens before their audience discovers THEM…Maybe you are onto something when you shed the constraints of a select readership, because when you draft it is not necessarily as important unless you write in a specific genre. When you are ready to market the finished work is when you have to find a different hat to strap on and discover what box it goes in…Then you may have to revise to set your novel on course (messages in bottles get lost at sea until they find a current)….Here’s to that final epiphany!

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