You reached out to me

Your hand outstretched in a certain curiosity

Like I was an exotic thing in the petting zoo

You were not ready for what I could do to you


Serves you right


When I bit down so hard and bled you

For not respecting me for the predator I am

And the prey you’ve always been


I’m beautiful aren’t I?

I must be

I have your hand in my teeth

Your blood on my tongue

All because you raised your hand to me




Seeking dominion over what I owe to nature

But she hath given me means to be ever dominant

Unless I say so of course

And you, she hath given you soft naked flesh




Does it hurt?

My teeth sunk so deep into the nerve

The meat

The bone

You want me to let go?




Yes, I will let you go.

But you will wear my savagery forever!

You feel it tingling?



If you come round again

I will bite you harder

Mark you more intimately

Bleed you out before you raise your hand

So you won’t easily forget


Heh, how will you tingle then?

-Harli V. Park-


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