Much Ado About the Muse (aka reasons I might be insane)

I find it hilarious that in my Facebook posts everyone enjoys the way I seemingly talk to my brain as if it is a separate entity from myself. They say it’s funny how I pretend it’s a person and not just my own inner thoughts.

What if I told you that in general my brain is a separate person?

What if I told you that more often than not I am speaking and having lengthy conversations with this entity whom I can only assume is my brain since his opinions color my actions like an overbearing parent at worst and irreplaceable best friend at best.

I wonder how much alienation would occur between me and others if I admitted out loud that, yes my brain is a man of similar age to me and often has more common sense than I do despite his attention span being about the same as mine (which would add up to about the length of that piece of thread I can’t seem to get off my jeans) and him being surprisingly more intellectual than I am despite our public prattle.

Pretty sure everyone would think I was a nut or something (claims I have not denied). Probably no more crazier than usual though.

In truth, he comes up with my best ideas and is uniquely more imaginative than I am. We talk often when the lights are low. We have an understanding that no one really could understand because how could one understand the conversation between the conscious and subconscious when they’re not supposed to even actively communicate.

He’s my muse, my warden, and sometimes my greatest oppressor….yet somehow he is the one that roots the loudest for me when I’m putting myself down.

So as I write my stories and scare the living hell out of myself with imagery, he’s always right there to remind me “you’re being silly, just write the damn thing.”

He’s the reason that someday you’ll be reading my nightmares and fantasies on paper, so be sure to thank him when you turn the first page….

Also don’t talk politics and social studies with him. I’ve learned that he wakes up earlier than me and I can’t win.

Are you fellow writers so attuned with your brains that they have become their own entities? What sorts of things do you discuss?

– Harli V. Park –


3 thoughts on “Much Ado About the Muse (aka reasons I might be insane)

  1. Can honestly say that my brain is not a separate entity from myself, though thinking of negative thoughts or feelings as a separate entity (I think of mine as a leech, though there is a book called Taming Your Gremlin about this sort of thing) can help to crush it.

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    • I think about that sort of thing often. I think it has a lot to do with my schizoaffective disorder honestly, but i can confidently admit its kinda funny that there are lil conversations that go on between me and my head. Taming Your Gremlin? That sounds like it would be a fun read.


  2. Those who live without the Muse Overlords cannot savor those creative bursts of internal conversations that spawn the darkling Frankensteins of our prose. Too bad. Sex, Politics, Religion… Nothing’s ever off the table for a Horror writer willing to “go deep”!

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