When I sit down to write there’s always a moment of racing thoughts, muddled ideas, and general anxiety — because as much as you claim you shouldn’t worry about outside opinion so early on you still do.

It’s a tad bit funny really. The moment I stare at the screen or paper with my disquieted thoughts and just inhale, hold, and exhale. Simultaneously, as the air escapes, my brain leans close to my ear and he says “Shh…”

That’s when it starts to flow.

I’ve written many things and plotted many lives from a single sigh. I’ve thought of gruesome, unspeakable monsters on a brief exhalations. It’s a little weird and a little fun. But that’s what writing is supposed to be. An exhalation. A little weird and a little fun.

I like it that way. Because there are as many worlds, as many lives, as many monsters as there are breaths I can take in a lifetime.

That’s all that it is and all that really matters…


-Harli V. Park-


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