The Short Story That Won’t End

“Its a bit funny isn’t it?” she says suddenly, cutting his thoughts short. “It always starts like this doesn’t it? A perfect stranger sitting in the focal point of some public establishment. Glaringly obvious to the point that they aren’t obvious at all, but are actually most insignificant. Until of course that one detail catches the eye, captures curiosity and feeds it until it grows into unseemly obsession.”

He didn’t have words and even if he did, he was far too distracted by that exquisite and unnatural shade of blue tincture that colored her glasses…more so than the woman they wore.

“Yes….” she said over the brim of her cup. “This is how it always starts.”

—  from “Untitled” by Harli V. Park


So, I have been a busy squid.

In reflection, I suppose not that busy, but I have been tinkering with this “short story” that would not leave me alone. Scribbling in the car, scribbling at work (with discretion of course) and scribbling during meals and at bedtime. You would think as a short story that has been endlessly scribbled on for nearly a week it would be finished.

Well it’s not.

I’ve written almost 11 pages in my notebook and I am still in the very beginning of whatever this story will become. I will admit its in a style that I’m not familiar with — who knows how much sense that makes since I’m writing it — and that in itself has become a bit of fun. I like being adventurous and I’m developing a growing anxiety about where this is going. I don’t particularly want to do much about it because I don’t really know much about it myself. I’ve just been freely writing. It does start off simple enough — Man meets Woman — but something serious is going on and you’ll be the first to know when I find out.

On top of this I’m still reading “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer and I’m finding it more enjoyable than the critics say. I suppose she as a person is hit or miss, but I always prefer to form my own opinions.

Also — I got new books!!!!!

I mean I still have a reading list taller than me but I’m always excited to have new ones.

They are of course Neil Gaiman books that I didn’t own yet:


I currently have an addiction that will not be satisfied until I’ve run out of things he’s published….

So with those added to my reading list, I’ve commenced a healthy schedule of reading, writing, and putting out the fire in my brain.

The next actual blog post will be coming soon, along with a new short story. I’m still attempting to set a schedule for posting things considering my life schedule is not so solid. But here’s to trying -cheers-

-Harli V. Park-


4 thoughts on “The Short Story That Won’t End

  1. Who knows? Maybe you are writing important backstory… just keep on writing. I have a whole file of scribbles I keep for moments when I really want to write and want an idea (at my age I often forget I already HAD an idea!) and another one for characters and orphan scenes…You never can tell when that might come in handy!

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    • I love scribbling. Like majority of my stories come out of making scribbles and shapes on a notebook that probably nobody can really read but me! I think that’s what’s most fun about it, too! :3


  2. You remind me of Frida Kahlo in this post…I recommend The Diary of Frida Kahlo: an Intimate Self-Portrait … it’s an illustrated journal of her thoughts, dreams, poetry during the last ten years of her life, ISBN 9780810959545 $25.00, I think it would really connect with you! Gaiman also has an illustrated “biography” titled “The Art of Neil Gamin: the Story of a Writer” by Hayley Campbell, ISBN 9780062432957 $19.99) The bookseller in me lives…sorry!

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    • Oh I love Frida Kahlo. I had to do a study on her when I was in middle school and fell in love with her work. She inspired me all the way through high school! Though I haven’t read that title yet! Thank you, I’ll definitely read it! And I’ve been seeing “The Art of Neil Gaiman” at my bookstore and just like making grabby fingers at it while trying to justify the hit to my budget XD I’m definitely going to get it next month though!

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