If the Sun were Always Shining and Our Load Always Light

Dark art with Kim HyunA by FtLoue on DeviantArt

“When you are one bad day away from an existential crisis, remember that you are the author of your own misery and by your standards you have suffered too little. Therefore make it an exquisite weeping, moaning, and gnashing of teeth so that when others look back they see your Sistine Chapel of woe and gaze upon that abyss in awe…”

—from “Transient” by Harli V. Park

Imagining my novel as a movie trailer and how it would go, the song that came to mind was Bilgewater by Brown Bird:

It added a certain flare, an intensity if you will, to the world Ayida inhabits and the extreme supernatural trials she is faced with. The theme of the song is exactly the same as the theme of my novel. That is: Suffering.

Writers have quite the sadistic streak within us that calls for the suffering of our characters. I can’t speak for others but for me, the Suffering is the most beautiful transformative tool that is used in writing. A character can go from an uninspiring child to the greatest caped crusader to ever grace comic pages or in reverse an everyman transforming into one of the most iconic villains of our day. All because of suffering.

“To live is to suffer; to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”

–Nietzsche, the flyest nihilist

There has been many a character broken and reconstructed by the extremes experienced in every chapter, including the ones we never get to see that lay in the waste basket or in notebooks. These shape complex, fully human or sometimes completely inhuman characters.  In the case of my writing, I enjoy taking things away from characters and forcing them through extremes that not even a normal person could handle thus laying before them a choice of continuing to be human…or no longer human. The most unique and interesting characters I have created have been those who have chosen to be no longer human. To be honest that is where the real fun starts.

Once they are no longer human, their actions and impact become far more real than I can ever truly describe. It is in their inhumanity that I find them at their most human — that is they act more solidly on their inner desires and wants. It becomes beautiful and added to a killer bit of music that matched the mood, character, and theme…well…it becomes a work of art that while open to endless interpretation still means one thing: an apothic suffering.

Afterall, if the sun was always shining, nothing would grow. If our load was always light, we’d be weak. We’d break under the weight of any pressure that was ever applied…


Well dear readers, I’m back! Its been a while and you all probably thought I’d abandoned this blog, but I have not. I’ve been experiencing my own version of suffering in that i fell off the wagon with my medication, but its fine now. I’ve got a tight hold of myself now and I’m not letting go.

So with that in mind, I am continuing my strange musings that seem to be entertaining for you all. After all, you like it, I love it! I also plan to start up my youtube readings again now that I am more situated and able to focus. Thank you for your patience and see you soon.

-Harli V. Park-


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