Monday Night Stream Result!


Jezebel – The Cerebral Hedonist DJ

This is the result of Monday night’s stream. Thank you all who came out to watch me stumble and such. I hope to see you guys next monday when I color her and possibly do a reading. Normally the stream is at 7 but I got a late start because I’m still new to the software.

Once she is in color, I will give a detailed explanation of who she is and why she should be important to you!

See you soon

-Harli V. Park-


Hedonist Workshop Stream

I will begin Streaming around 8pm. There will be arting, chatting, and best of all I’m streaming Veela because Hells Yeah! Veela!

So if you like my writing you might like my art. Please feel free to pop in! live video from HedonistHarli on

Lovecraft, the APA & Horror: a Manifesto of the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers APA

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Writing is one of the most personally punishing of the professions we could choose. We learn in a vacuum, taught by other people who are also feeling their way along because those “in the know” haven’t a clue on how to tell us what they want without belittling our every effort.

So how do we “preserve” what we do if we cannot get published? When you are ready to look back on your Life’s Work, will it be with an eye to the next winter’s fire, hidden in an attic, or bequeathed to a reluctant relative?

Who will know what you wrote? And what if it’s not that it was “bad” – it was simply not in style when written?

Lovecraft3The Same Thing Happened – to LOVECRAFT

I am not saying that we are the best judges of our work, or that an unsuspecting public deserves to be inundated with…

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Tinkle. Tinkle…

My daughter is a sleepwalker.

She’s been that way since we moved here six months ago. 10 years old and can’t fall asleep without me by her side. Heh. I don’t mind.

Every night, I keep vigil in our small apartment as a stay-at-home dad, marking the nights and days like a prison sentence. No, I shouldn’t say that. I shouldn’t because I love Izzy. Izzy is the best thing that could’ve happened to me and I see the past six months as nothing but a test of my love for her. A test my wife Liz has failed. Continue reading