Monday Night Stream Result!


Jezebel – The Cerebral Hedonist DJ

This is the result of Monday night’s stream. Thank you all who came out to watch me stumble and such. I hope to see you guys next monday when I color her and possibly do a reading. Normally the stream is at 7 but I got a late start because I’m still new to the software.

Once she is in color, I will give a detailed explanation of who she is and why she should be important to you!

See you soon

-Harli V. Park-


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Stream Result!

  1. This is an example of why I started the APA for Horror….So many talents out there, so little opportunity. I hope you will sign up to join, Harli… And not to worry about your tech issues — it seems “issues” are inherent to technology in general. I applaud your tenacity! (And congratulations on your first Stream!)

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