All the important people are buzzing around under a gray, cold and dreary sky downtown, in the heart of evil, where everyone wears at least four different faces in their eight-hour shifts. The first is to con their equally miserable co-workers, in which they hate. Sometimes they silently pray for each others’ suicide or murder. […] … Continue reading Wow…


The Scarred Child (Transient Excerpt #1)

Remember. This isn’t about you. “My name is Ayida Jean-Baptiste.”

People Watching… (You are not Alone)

So let's talk about this right here... and why I think its beautiful   This series is one of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and everything I ever wanted. When I first watched this video, I was expecting just a run-of-the-mill montage of idiotic and hilarious situations however...   I was not ready … Continue reading People Watching… (You are not Alone)

A Millennial’s Resolve… (Oh no, I said a Dirty Word)

I never stop thinking... so I never stop working.

Choosing Beta Readers

Very sound advice. -whispers- the Nokia analogy is the best part!

Acres of Ink

Choosing Beta Readers


You’ve written a book.


Books are meant to be read, but your first draft is probably not the prize winner you want it to be. Not yet, anyway. That certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be, but you need some fresh eyes. When I first wrote The Elder Throne, my finished first draft was a flawed, exhausted thing. Instead of jumping right into the Beta Reading pool, I knew I had to run it pasta developmental editor for a second opinion. Of course, that’s just me. Not everyone wants to do that, and that’s fair enough. What every writer should do, however, is choose a group of Beta Readers. And here’s how.

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