The Comeback Kid


Jezebel – Master of the Airwaves

-shifty eyes- hi!

It’s been months hasn’t it? A lot has happened since that last short story I posted. Nothing of major note but still fairly hindering.

Working has been a necessary nightmare first and foremost. Being the bundle of schizoaffective nerves that i am, the overabundance of hours during the holidays as well as the shift in management has been so exhausting. Mainly because I don’t like change, but it’s also a terrible bit where I don’t love my job anymore. I mean I love the work but getting up each day to go has been an exercise in how effective my medication is and how well I have control over my anxiety which is very, very little. The worst part is that its becoming a hindrance. No bueno…

Half of it is being repetition, the other half is this little disorder of mine is in a state of never ending challenge that while I’ve tried hard not to let it define me, has become a boldfaced line in the very description of who I am. From changes in medication to switching therapists, the past few months have been quite literally a clusterfuck of elevated anxiety, hallucinations, and sporadic moods that have kept me away from progress.

The hiatus — though unplanned — was much needed and allowed me to just be crazy for a little while. So now I’m back.

-celebratory booty dance-

So enough about me, let’s talk about you and the blog.

This blog is something I still very much want to do. Something I enjoy doing and I fight not to give up on things i enjoy. It’s good for me and good for the people how follow it in the way of entertainment. I can’t promise this won’t happen again, but i can promise it will be a while before it does and that there will be fair warning.

I’m continuing my musings, expanding them to Social Commentary, Opinion Pieces, and daily ramblings. I have so many things I’ve always wanted to say here, but I’ve often been to worried about saying it. But this is my blog. I am allowed to be as weird as I want to in all aspects. That’s the point. I will even give you bits of my mindstate since I feel its the most entertaining sometimes judging by the views. So that’s the parts of me personally that will be placed here.

Now, as a writer, I’ll be giving more time and thought to my projects. After all, the point is to share the things I love and work hard at it with all of you! With that in mind, I will be creating posts that include progress reports and even videos to show some variety. My current Novel “Transient” will be featured more here so to keep you updated — and to hold myself accountable — I will be releasing snippets, possible deleted scenes, and of course side stories for your enjoyment. This will also be alongside new stand alone short stories but I would like you to fall in love with the characters just as I have. After all, I have a story to tell.

Next, the secret project that includes Jezebel (depicted above). This is going to be a future podcast I’m giving myself 7 months to pull together. It is going to be a radio show that reads various short stories and weird fiction hosted by a very alien DJ with her own… complications. I’m planning to release sound clips, bloopers, and little fun messages that will entertain and spark your curiosity. This will also include side stories, recordings and standard progress posts which may have concept art (if time allows).

So lots of things coming. Articles, Book Reviews, Movie Reviews all hopefully geared towards my one true love:  horror.

Later on, I will be posting a nice comprehensive schedule so that you’ll never miss your favorite content. Any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to contact me or leave a line in the comment box below.

Thank you all for every bit of support, even though I have been scarce. I appreciate every view, every like, every follow, and every comment. See you soon and happy hunting this year. Make. It. Happen.

Sporadically Yours,

-Harli Victoria Park-





4 thoughts on “The Comeback Kid

  1. Hey we missed you! And like yourself I have found work to especially draining this year. I suspect we work at the same chain, as we also have found corporate leanings to be precarious and difficult this holiday season, customers to be more cantankerous than usual, and many of us losing the optimism we had before the holidays. We also coincidentally had management changes…small world!, But Life awaits, and I intent to rededicate my time to writing. Let’s get through this together!

    Liked by 1 person

    • And here my favorite person appears. -hugs- yeah its been…a bit disconcerting how we’ve become numbers rather than employees. @_@ But I can’t wait to see what you get accomplished this year and I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be lurking on your blog as usual. >w<


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