People Watching… (You are not Alone)

So let’s talk about this right here… and why I think its beautiful


This series is one of the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and everything I ever wanted.

When I first watched this video, I was expecting just a run-of-the-mill montage of idiotic and hilarious situations however…


I was not ready for the depth of attention they paid to human experience and insecurity in the realm of social interaction and the seeking of a partner. It’s not the most original approach but it is certainly the smartest and most impacting. The emphasis on honesty towards potential mates as well as towards themselves.

Then there’s this one:




Another steeped in being honest but with a twist. Being honest about how you feel and what you think and realizing that… you’re not alone in your issues. Most people have these issues and they affect everything they do not only because they’re issues but because they are afraid to talk about them for fear that they are the odd one, the strange one, the hateful and unacceptable one and it highlights a very real problem in society in the sense that despite how easy it is to communicate… its also much harder

I love this show so far and find its subtle humor and nuances hit somewhere deep leaving a lasting impression because you’re forced to place yourself in that situation and wonder about who you are and who is watching you. I plan to continue this series and most likely post a small review of each as it goes on because I love this and I love how it makes me feel and… hopefully, you’ll garner something about you from it as well…

-Harli V. Park-

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