Daddy Issues (Transient Excerpt #3)

Ayida’s blurred vision began to clear and she felt groggy as though just waking. She was on her feet, standing in her father’s bedroom near his bed. A weight in her hand made her raise it and she stared unfeelingly at a kitchen knife clenched tightly in her fist. Breathing calm, she turned it over catching the glint of the moonlight and giving ruby glow to the stains on the blade. A sense of childlike awe and anticipation filled her as her eyes flicked from the blade to her father’s form beneath the comforters. Ayida moved deliberately slow, careful not to the jar the mattress as she climbed onto it. One hand on her father’s chest, Ayida shoved him lightly to rouse him. A wet warmth soaked her hands and she pulled back to gaze at her fingers. A crooked smile spread over her face at the vibrant red. The darkening sheets covering her father were pulled back slowly to reveal a gushing hole in his chest. Ripped pieces of flesh were flayed open with the blood running black over his skin as it soaked his night shirt and the mattress beneath.

Not enough. It breathes still…

Ayida let the knife hover over her father’s neck. She pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead and brought the knife down violently on his Adam’s apple.


Ayida catapulted herself from bed, falling painfully on the floor and cringing from the pain in her side and head. She lay there panting and staring at the ceiling – her ceiling – in alarm. Crying out at the intense ache, Ayida held her side and forced herself out of bed. Dizzily, she stumbled into the bathroom and rummaged through the medicine cabinet for the amber pills.

Never miss a dose!

Never tell anyone!

Be good!

She shoved a capsule in her mouth and guzzled from the faucet  before sliding helplessly down to the floor. The cold press of the tile alleviated some of the burning in her body and soon, the pounding migraine slipped away. It was easy to remain in the bathroom where it felt safe and she was able curl in on herself until her eyes grew heavy. Lids fluttered as her body relaxed completely but it didn’t stop the tears welling up in her eyes. As sleep finally returned she felt a hand slide through her hair, but was too out of it to react to it.

I have you now… just sleep…

-Harli V. Park –

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2 thoughts on “Daddy Issues (Transient Excerpt #3)

  1. Liking where it’s going…Liking how you’re getting there…. But don’t get into a rush. Even if you draft quick, allow yourself to go back and slow the pace a little so tone and atmosphere can build and take hold of your reader without allowing them to slip through the cracks…Impressed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I felt some kinda way about this part because its part of a separate dream sequence but I wasn’t sure if I should post the -whole- thing. Next time I’ll put all of it together and slow it down a little. Thank you as always for the great advice!!! -hugs- always a pleasure seeing you in my comments!


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