Camp Nanowrimo Day 1: God Save My Soul…


-Internal Agonizing Screaming-

Got my coffee ready. Got my alarm set for work. It is time to begin on this the unholiest of days where writer’s destroy themselves in hopes of producing good content in… 30… goddamned… days…

This also is a challenge… I’m going to post my progress and thoughts every day on this blog along side my regular blog posts. They will all be under the category “CampNano 2017.” It takes 30 days to make a habit!

My word count goal is set for about 80k to 100k words at 3500 or more per day…

Pray for me.

Everyone who is participating, follow me and I’ll follow back and we can do this thing together!!!!

See you on the other side…

-Harli V. Park –

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4 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo Day 1: God Save My Soul…

  1. God save your soul indeed! I think 3500 is reasonable if you have the right processes in place and really push… I’m sure you’ll be exhausted by the end of it though! I’ve not yet decided whether I’m taking part this time around… I think i’ll make that call at around11:05pm tonight… 😉

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