Growing Towards the Sky (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

In a world where connection is the true currency of our lives…

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

And how can I reach you…?

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought…

Love by Alexander Milov

To be without human interaction is something no one in their right mind would truly want. That being said there are those of us who are substantially drained by it.

Those of us who cannot initiate for we are easily swept in the undertow of intercommunication and eventually have our souls wrung out by  sensory overload.

Those of us who lack the ability to interact with any sort of planned success that will lead to those deeper connections we crave when we reach out and touch someone both physically and metaphorically.

So how does one who thrives in solitude connect with the world and become apart of the sea of clouds rolling overhead when they’re planted firmly in the soil of insecurity with the roots of introversion running deep into mother isolation’s womb?

Mind you some of us enjoy that womb and have no desire other than to be planted there. But that’s the key word isn’t it… Planted with the intent to grow.



The creative find ways to give themselves wings or in this case branches. They create things that will touch you because they can’t, things that you can respond to because they cannot speak with you. In a sea of language that is social interaction — a sort of Tower of Babel in which the higher you go the less you can understand and connect — sometimes all we have is our talent and our creativity. So we reach out to you on paper, on screens, on reels. We reach out and if we touch our hands to at least one of those clouds passing by in the sky, damn right it’s enough. It satisfies that lump in the chest of one so firmly planted the ground but is growing upwards with fingers stretched up like twigs and allows us to become greater than the roots we have dug into the earth while the sky floats overhead

The sky and clouds will always be above us…

We will always be reaching for it…

But every now and then…

It’s okay if the clouds reach back….

–Harli V. Park–

Thank you for reading today’s Camp Nanowrimo blog entry.  Just a little musing about how weirdo shut-ins like me just wanna reach out and touch someone. If you enjoy my content please: like, follow, and subscribe to all my social media to get updates on my activities!






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