Are You Keeping a Crawling Eye on the Print Industry? A Bookseller’s Lament

As a Writer and Reader and a lover of words that stay please by all means read these to understand why you can’t give up on the feel of a book in your hand.

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Complacency. This is what – if anything – will kill print.

People who leave it up to other people to purchase books in hard copy, to frequent brick and mortar stores of any product while patting themselves on the back for “saving” money need to wise up. The entire retail landscape is under fire. You now have to drive further, pay more, and find less for any product – including books.

This is not a “sign of the times.” It is an orchestrated effort to rearrange the retail market into a handful of distribution outlets that feed the pockets of wealthy individuals whose ideas of enlightenment include the replacement of workers with robots because “they never get sick” and “they never take vacations,” as well as the ultimate privilege of determining not only what the public will want to have access to, but what they will be allowed to have…

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One thought on “Are You Keeping a Crawling Eye on the Print Industry? A Bookseller’s Lament

  1. Thanks for the re-blog! I really hope people will take time from all of the chaos in their lives to really think about what we are losing…For those like me, if bookstores left the landscape, I wouldn’t know where to go on a day off… although being anti-Amazon, I would probably save a lot more of my meager earnings!

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