The Fall of Pandora (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

She walked across the bridge, her bouquet in hand. Her veil was of purest red and her dress was a lovely affair of rouge and black lace. It brushed the front of her thighs and fell down to the back of black heels in a gorgeous train similar to blood. Her hair was darker than the night and was pulled up into two wraps near the back of her head with the veil intertwined with them. With a face paler than the moon and lips like crimson rose petals, she was beautiful. The markings of her royalty fell off her cheeks like black tears from her crystalline eyes. Her people watched their princess, soon to be queen, walk up to the altar beneath the night sky. With words spoken in true love, she would save their lives. Pandora, their beautiful city in the shadow of the moon, would be saved with their princess’s marriage to their beloved prince. The bride, however, had no qualms with this being a ritual that was more for the city than for her happiness. If she had any doubts about the union all she had to do was look up at the man who chose her, out of all his fourteen princesses, to become queen. She was truly blessed and truly honored.

He stood their poised with a warm smile that made his dark garnet eyes glow in the starlight.  He was taller than she would ever be and much older and wiser yet he still retained the youth granted eternally to their monarchs. His skin was caramel in color and his shoulders broad. He could lift her tiny body into his arms with ease which both frightened her and made her adore him. Dark auburn hair fell around his face like so many silken tendrils and she wondered if she looked as beautiful as he did under the light of the approaching eclipse. She went to stand beside the Prince and he touched her arm gently, stilling the butterflies in her stomach. The priest stood between them happily. Even he could feel the love that radiated from them and with knowledge that this pure white love would save them all made him overjoyed.

The altar behind them held a large crystal shaped into a giant Lunalil blossom. Its petals stretched out behind the priest reaching for the heavens in wait. Around it were many gifts from the people who wished to pay homage to their beautiful Prince and Princess. Among them was a cluster of Lunalil blossoms and Starica roses. The Prince plucked a Starica rose that was in full bloom from the cluster and placed it in his princess’s hair making her smile widen. He kissed her hands to reassure her and quiet her nervous thoughts. He knew that she feared losing him over a simple mistake such as mispronunciation or stuttering. That was why he chose this Princess. She truly loved him. The groom looked up at the earth with a calm face as it floated like a distant blue bauble in the sky. That planet was their responsibility. That beautiful breathing orb in the sky was one that had been under their care and now that they were to be crowned, they would use the Light to return it to its original glory. Turning back the hands of time for the planet would bring back all the Geneve adored and Gestalt would see to it that all chaos would cease under his hand. You see, this planet as well the entirety of the solar system belonged to the promise was made. Geneve the vessel of eternal peace and Gestalt the right hand of order, together with their love and their power they would bring happiness to Pandora and to Earth. They smiled at each other, one shy and sweet while the other sure and loving. She had been the one he chose to rule this land. He had been the one to inherit it all and with their union, they would all prosper.

The Priest took both of their hands in his and wrapped a rope made of Lunalil flowers around both of their hands, the snow-white petals out of place among the blacks and reds. He raised their hands hearing praising from the attendants. All their eyes turned to the sky, to the vast reaches of space as the sky became light. It turned cool azure and the stars disappeared from their sight. The moon moved on until it sat completely in front of the sun and the sky over Pandora was as bright as it had been in a hundred years. Eclipses came and went often but this level of eclipse, this level of light only happened once a century for Pandora when the dark side of the moon was fully illuminated by the sun and cast it dark shadow on the ancestral grounds of humanity. Light shined down on the crystal making it glow bright over the city. Its rays reached out far and wide and could be seen in the far reaches of the kingdom.

The Princess smiled and looked up at her Prince. He nodded to her and they intertwined their fingers. They bowed their heads began the prayer for Pandora.

“I, Geneve Pandoria thirteenth princess of Royal Pandora, give myself to the light of Ultima and the Solar Eclipse. My heart, my mind, my body all belong to Pandora and its chosen King Gestalt Pandoria, crown prince and first son of Royal Pandora. Allow my love of purest Lunalil provide safety, power, and life to Pandora so that the land may remain the never-ending light in the dark side of the moon. By Ultima’s grace, I take into myself the Light of Pandoria.”

The markings on her cheeks and forehead were set aglow by the energy flowing through her body from the crystal. The Prince smiled as his own marking lit up and he moved his lips to speak.

“I, Gestalt Pandoria, crown prince and first son of Royal Pandora, give myself—”

Geneve couldn’t even gasp; her breath caught in her throat. Blood splattered over her face and her eyes widened to saucers. The hands she held in her own relaxed and the Prince fell onto her frail body. She went to her knees with him in her arms as blood poured from an exit wound his chest. The people were in a panic and the priest wailed. Gestalt stared into her eyes as his own turned dull brown. He touched her face with a bloody hand and smiled. Their hands were still tied with the Lunalil rope. She smiled sadly through the crystal tears pouring down her face.

“Gestalt?” she called brokenly. “Please, Gestalt. Don’t die.”

“Gen,” he whispered through blood. “Please…live…”

Gestalt’s eyes closed and the hand that held her face slide down leaving a trail of blood in its wake. She wasn’t allowed to cry; she was barely able to grieve for the danger had not passed. She looked up at the dark men as their heavy footsteps approached her. Each with a gun pointed at her, they fell into rank in front of her. Their presence alone silenced everyone and no one moved. She laid Gestalt back against the altar and stood, her red wedding dress stained dark by her love’s blood. Her tattoos were still aglow with the crystal’s power. She carried it within her body and since Gestalt was now dead, the power would not be able to return to Pandora. They held the guns pointed at her and she looked at them with deadened eyes. She sensed a great evil among them and it made her step back.  What sort of monster would wish to sentence her beloved Pandora to its death? Who would bare grudge against their pacifist kingdom?

She heard the rifles click and she backed against the altar, close to her prince’s body. If she were to die then let her die close to him so that she would be at peace. A distinguished figure stepped out among them. He stood tall and regal with darkness billowing around him like a cloak. From beneath his hood, purple deadlight eyes shined and focused on her trembling form. She put her hands to her a mouth knowing the monster this man embodied. There was a name to the evil and she dare not speak it lest it take her as it took Gestalt. Fear called to her like whispers on the wind and her body was cold with dread. She shook her head as he pulled out a gun of his own. This was the end… her world… her love… ended…

He fired but Geneve was pulled out of the way by the priest. He cried out from the wound in his flank but he lifted her from the ground. The Lunalil rope snapped at the joint and she was separated from the fallen Prince Gestalt. With his own faith and hope driving him, the priest ran with her and shielded her from gun fire with his magic. She cried as she was taken further and further away from the man she loved. She reached for him praying that even though the rope was broken, she was still connected to him.

As the priest ran for both of their lives, the moon began to move in front of the sun and a darkness like no other fell onto Pandora. The city began to crack and deteriorate in night’s embrace. The shadows crept across their realm like a plague and screams of horror echoed into the sky like sirens of death. She covered her ears trying to block them out as the priest brought her to the edge of the bridge where death’s shadow had not reached. Muttering a prayer for her safety and Pandora’s salvation, he flung her off the side into the light of the earth. Time started to slow down as she fell, her wedding dress whipping about the wind like the wings of a scarlet Ibis. She managed to keep her eyes open through the cutting air and saw the gunmen shred the priest into pieces with bullets of magic. They’re leader had not given up. Instead of leaving her to fall to her death, the dark man aimed his gun at her and shot one well-placed round. It caught her in the shoulder and she screamed as blood burst from her wound like flower petals caught in the air. Before she lost consciousness, she saw the beautiful kingdom of Pandora crumble and shatter to pieces in the darkness. The debris followed her quickly down to the light of earth as the eclipse ended and left the dark side of the moon nothing more than a crumpled memory of its glory. In her body, she felt the death of all her people and the weight of the dead prince against her. Everything was dark and she felt death creeping over her skin. The Light of Pandoria pulsed uselessly. It faded just as her consciousness did; never to return to its rightful place, never to be used as it was meant to be used. The Light of Pandoria was lost and the cosmic kingdom was left to die silently among the stars as their future queen disappeared in the atmosphere of earth.

That day the moon turned to pitch black and shards of the moon rained from the stars. It turned the Earth and its population to nothing. Now the earth floats quietly in space with only a few survivors of every species there dying out each day in the almost constant darkness. It was called the Lunar Apocalypse by those who lived to tell of it and it was marked down as the most tragic day in all known history in the minds of its survivors. No one knew of the Kingdom Pandora, of Princess Geneve and her Prince Gestalt, or the life on the dark side of the moon. But it was told that on the Apocalyptic Day, a particular meteor with a tail of iridescent light had fallen among the burning rocks. Maybe hope still existed…or maybe it is merely a dream of the desperate.  

–Harli V. Park—

Hey guys. been very sporadic this week but I’m still going. But um, this is a short story that almost became a novel back in the day. I rewrote it and cleaned it up a bit. Just a little variety. I was really into cosmic kingdoms and space royalty and stuff at the time first wrote this. Though it might cheesy and shit, I still loved this little story and its implications on the apocalypse. 

Can you believe it? 

I was once a fantasy writer!!!! Lol, no, I don’t conform to anything. Horror’s just my bae. But yeah, enjoy the cheesy while I work on some serious stuff. 

Happy writing!


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