A Little Bit of Insight (Queer Romance)

Today, we’re going to talk about heteronormativity. Strap on your big-kid panties.

via Heteronormativity & Queer Relationships — Paris Montgomery


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Insight (Queer Romance)

  1. That was a hardcore article. I do write an ongoing saga where two characters are elderly lesbians, and one is definitely more “butch” than the other. Now I’m hoping I’ve portrayed them in a good light.

    I thought I was doing well anyway…


    • Its okay to have those dynamics once in a while if that just who that particular female character is naturally. If she’s butch in and outside of the relationship (ie she’s a tomboy, acts more masculine like and it’s more just her personality rather than anything to do with her being a lesbian) then its fine! :3


      • Then no need to worry. The worry is more so trying to force one of them to be the “man” in the relationship in order to make it more palatable for heterosexual audiences, that’s all. But I’m sure you did well with it! :3

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      • Thanks. It’s a bit offensive, but I like to think it’s not because I disparage homosexuals. I wanted gay couples in a sitcom (even fake) where they’re not a joke and the plot isn’t driven by “they’re gay” stories. …if that makes sense.

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      • That’s exactly what i LOVE. See most people portray them with these stereotypes and try to dumb them down, but I prefer stories and sit comes about queer people that mix in a bit of the everyday happenings to them and how things work in that culture without making the sole focus them being gay. Cause ya know, they’re just people like everyone else who get involved in some crazy shit sometimes.

        I legit have a story going on where the ‘gay friend’ like gets hit on a lot by her dentist (short story don’t even ask) and just she’s just like “omg, i just want my teeth cleaned” and they end up in these hilarious situations with each other. But its like, I focus more on the hilarity of the situation rather than its a gay person experiencing it.

        But i’m long answer, short point: I get exactly what you mean! You want them to be real people not caricatures!

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