Monday Update!!!!

So I said I’d update every Monday, so here it is!!!

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… here comes a half-formed thought.



Let’s see…

I got 15 Degrees Skyward off the ground and thank you so much for all of the good feedback! I really appreciate it. If you haven’t begun the experience just yet here’s a link to the published content for it here:

15 Degrees Skyward

I hope you find it pleasing and interesting enough to follow.

I am actually quite amazed that people have enjoyed it as much as they have and are actually interested in seeing more. For that I am so grateful. You guys are awesome.

As for Transient, its still being worked heavily on and I’ve got myself a solid professional editor to help me bring it to its fullest so that you can see the world as I see it through this dreadful tale. I will be continuing to write asides and character monologues for it as I get inspired and share them here so something to look forwards to.

Most importantly my life has been work, work, work. I’m going to be giving up editing for a while until I finish Transient because between it and work I haven’t had time to focus on what I’m trying to do. That’s no bueno. So I’m making sure I have the time to make you content, excel at my job, and achieve my goals. So something had to go and editing was it.


Not much to report other than promotion might be happening for me which will give me more leeway to do more with this site without being bone deep tired. Other than that, I’ll have Episode 2 of Skyward up soon and I’ll see you guys next Monday!!!!

I started writing this on Monday and ended on Tuesday. Beautiful life! Thanks for all your support -muah!-

-Harli V Park-



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