Monday! -sips wine- Oh boy…

Ever just get a book reccomendation from a respected source because it’s praised at being accurate of a personal trial you have to deal with daily and be soooo excited to read it… only to find that not only does it offend the shit out of you, but cause you physical pain to read it…?



-waves finger at accusingly- oh you just wait, you son of a bitch…

Yeah… you guys have a book roast coming. Quiver in anticipation cause I am straight putting the hurt on it come Thursday.

Ahem, Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist and here comes and Update!!!!


So in regards to original content, I managed to pump out a small bit of content this week in the form of Art and a lovely aside that can be read here —> Tower of Babel

15 Degrees Skyward Episode 2 is coming. I know I keep saying it but it’s definitely on its way!

I’m also designing a pretty little Cover Art for it since this has me so inspired!

In the meantime, I have finally finished one of the books I’d had a straight need to read because of the subject matter and was so goddamn disappointed I could’ve lit it on fire, but in order to prevent others from believing this book is a good representation of things that the author did not bother to research, I am going to review this, roast it, and explain exactly why this is a terrible thing to take seriously! But, um, that will be Thursday since its already written up, I just have to type it.

Yes, I still handwrite things. I’m old. Bite me!

I will also be back to musing since I’ve read and learned so much in the past few weeks thanks to conversations with fellow booksellers and the like.

Also, Pop Culture month is happening this month at my store so in honor of that, I’m going to review some nerd shit and talk about nerd stuff for July. There’s definitely some Manga, Light Novels, and Comics I want to review for all of your viewing pleasure! Especially for all you fandom trash who occupy the landfill with me!!!

Transient is going to be having a few more excerpts coming from it as I push it nearer to completion. I’m still doing character POV pieces and working harder.

Also in response to a few inquiries on Twitter –


-clears throat-

I usually would participate in it, but with all of the personal projects I have going on plus my passion about my workplace and the deadlines I’ve set for myself I simply do not have time for Camp Nanowrimo. I mean I do but… what are you trying to do? Kill me?

So yeah, absolutely not. However, I will be participating in Nanowrimo November… the official Nanowrimo. I have something I’m setting out to accomplish and November is a good time to start it in the wake of actually FINISHING Transient.

Um, there’s not much else other than I am going to be reading my ass off and writing my ass off. I’ve pretty much decided to end my editing contracts because they’re hindering me plus my day job are pulling so much of my time that if I continue my editing I will not be able to deliver any original content and that’s no Bueno. Like seriously not good. I thrive on making content from me to you and editing is limiting the hell out of me.

In other words, I’m too selfish to give my talents to other people to profit from when I can give them to you guys for free where you can truly enjoy them. That’s not to say I’m giving up for every, but just for now. I’m choosing my passions over dolla dolla bills. Dumb decision, I know, but this is who I am! :3

With that being said, keep coming back and I’ll keep making these things both for you and for me. After all, what I want is to make great art. So, going to make some great art!


-Harli V. Park-


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