Trippin Over the Hill (Over 30 Book Tag)

Here’s a little thing I did today in Lieu of having content for you guys! Hope its somewhat entertaining and gives you a bit of insight about… um.. why I’m weird. Yep :3

3 thoughts on “Trippin Over the Hill (Over 30 Book Tag)

  1. Hmmm… I foresee a long career of writing for you… And not to worry about the old age thing. Trust me when I say you will always be fourteen until you look in the mirror! So, don’t look. Just write.

    As a young person your job is to observe and soak up every experience, to remember the weird details that will make readers say “oh yeah, I totally forgot about that” and hook them by their hearts. And it is to write and write and write so when you are Gandalf’s age you will be both wizard and bespelled one…conjuring prose that builds characters and worlds and plots readers cannot get out of their heads…And I know personally that you are on your way to those magic lands… šŸ™‚

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