cropped-1514774049856.jpegI’m DeJa DeClouet writing as Harli V. Park aka the Cerebral Hedonist or Vitriolic Hedonist

I am a Squid. I happen to be a combination of various skills and talents and personalities that are similar to tentacles, therefore, I deem this the best way to describe me.

I am currently employed at a bookstore and work as a freelance artist and illustrator on the side. But most importantly. I’m a Writer. It has been my dream since I created my 1st picture book in elementary and realized I could place what I see in my head into the minds of others.

So my goal is to blog my progress in tandem with my YouTube account and get some professionalism going about my career goals.

However, the main point is to make this fun, allow people to get to know me and perhaps support others in their aspirations as well. We’re all just nerds here so I’m sure you won’t be surprised at the utter fandom garbage I come up with sometimes.

Most of all, we all have weird shit to share, so let’s share it together.

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