Books In Progress

Transient Series (WIP) “When you are one bad day away from an existential crisis, remember that you are the author of your own misery and by your standards, you have suffered too little. Therefore make it an exquisite weeping, moaning, and gnashing of teeth so that when others look back they see your Sistine Chapel of woe and gaze upon that abyss in awe…”

15 Degrees Skyward (WIP) –  “This is the story of a universe we created… A place where you and I sat at opposite ends of the darkness painting the cosmos with iron and will and putting words into a symphony of color that lay dormant between us. Waiting to explode… waiting to be born. Waiting for both of us to wake up and begin our dream. My eyes opened first and I watched you sleep from a place where I could not reach you, where my dream could not touch yours…”