Amaranthine (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)



Who am I to drink in love’s sweet wine and take its life-giving miracle?

Who am I to deny my end when the raven leaves its feather at my door?

I am only human, so I am no one.

Therefore as a human, if I deny that my love is as hollow as a dead elm and is just as diseased, would it make my longing more bearable?

Or as no one, would it simply be a fact undeniable?


I alone carry a love that ages to perfection like full-bodied French Syrah.

Yet once my love is breathed into another, the fruit rots and the wine is spoiled.

What good is my love if only I can partake of it; that is, if only I can drink of its richness without the grape itself spoiling within my body?


Is there someone who can savor the intensity that is my desire?

Someone who can breathe its sweet hypnotic aroma?

Someone who can taste its deluding lushness?

Is there someone who can partake without slipping into anguish’s arms under the beautiful guise of Euphoria?


No, my lush Syrah will remain untouched and continue to age

So that I alone will know its strong scent

I alone will know its flavor and twist my tongue at its pleasurable bitterness

So when the raven drops its feather at my door and I hear the bells toll in the distance,

I will be human and I will be alone…


-Harli V. Park-

Urrg, having skipped that one post has been a pain to think about. I really have been suffering on the scheduling train. I can’t tell if its too much to do or that I lack ideas. Probably a combo of both, but I managed! Day 14. This was a rough one. Hopefully I’ll have a better start this week and not feel like crap. 

At least you guys are enjoying this, though. So many new people! Makes me happy! 

Hang in there with me! It get’s better once I feel out how my schedule is going to fall! 

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The Streetlamp Children (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

The streetlamp went off at six this morning and a young woman was kissing her boyfriend goodbye as he headed to the bus stop. Watching him board the cross-town bus and vanish on the horizon. As she began to get ready for work herself, she wondered what news she would bring home to him. Continue reading

There is a Shadow… (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

My ma had a sayin’. One that I only know cause she kept in her diaries and crap.

“There’s always one thing yer gonna wanna give up everything for.

There’s gonna be that one thing… that one somethin’ that makes ya forget why ya even have power, or why ya wanted it in the first place…”

I’ve had power since the day my daddy came callin’ in the middle of the night and I learned what humans really were. Pieces of goddamn garbage. They all pretended to be these normal, upstandin’ people but deep down I can see what they are. I can see my daddy in every one of those pityin’ stares — those “you poor thing”. I had power to never have to be the small one. Never have to be the one lookin’ up. I could rip the heart out of anybody who stepped to me and they was all afraid of me in a way that I loved, fed off of. I had power over them and I had power over their lives…

I could eat them all alive!

But then… she crashed near my haunt.

She bled out on my hands…

She was so small…heh…

And in a single goddamn moment… I gave her power over me

Exactly what he wanted…

That fucker knew I’d be drawn to her. Knew I’d feel it… knew I’d come…

She was so small…

Yet, she was bigger than me

I could feel it, fuckin’ smell it on her… smell him on her…

Yet I ain’t hesitate. Even though I felt that bastard pullin’ me apart even before I lifted her out of all that chaos, I ain’t hesitate for a minute. Cause I knew what she was… what she was gone be…

But, she was just so damn small.

Weak…. Stupid… Green. Ain’t know shit about shit!

But I couldn’t get close to her. They made sure of that. They kept her locked up, kept her outta sight and then had her in that house for weeks before I couldn’t even see her. I watched her though. Kept up and waited for her to feel what I felt in her.

And she did… Oh she felt it… and it killed.

She was ready to play the game.

Ready to play to win…

Ready to play with me…

Out of all the garbage in Calista. All those fake ass smiles and laughter and “community” where they clap ya on the back for drunkenly attackin’ somebody and say “its okay, we’re family.” In this itty-bitty pissant town… she shined so bright. She was like this bonfire that everybody was starin’ at but wouldn’t get close. But I’m gonna… I’m gonna get close, I’m gonna feel that heat threatenin’ to turn into a wildfire, and I’m gonna watch Calista and that quack all burn!

I’ll be her shadow while she turns everything to ash..

And I won’t stop until she helps me get back what he took from me…

Until she understands that the one with the power is her…


Cause she’s different than the rest of ’em.

Cause its only fair….

I saved her life…

The least she could do is play the game with me…

Accept the power I’m givin’ her…

Play… and win…

Burn it all down…

“I can’t be like that. I don’t know how to be like that…”

‘Course ya do, Ayida…

We’re monsters, ya know. It’s what we do.

–Harli V. Park —

A nice little aside from Laney Winchester’s POV in Transient. 

This was supposed to go up yesterday but unfortunately I got too busy and ended up forgetting to finish it and post it. So this is Day 10 for you and Day 11 will be up later tonight! I hope you enjoy this bit of a teaser and look forward to the next post!

To all the new folks, thanks sooo much. All the visits, hits, likes, comments, and best of all follower! Its such a joy to know people are enjoying this as much as I am. If you guys have any requests, suggestions, things you just wanna say or you just want to say “hi” I’m always accepting. 

Thank you for hanging in there! More to come!

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My Heart is Legion… (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

“They’re watching a relationship you never see on TV because television stopped being black and white in the ‘60s but the shows never did…”

-People Watching…

I’m not sure how many of you read my About page or care to, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you have. You’ll notice how its carefully crafted to tell you exactly who I am and what I’m doing but its also obviously and purposely excluding details. I’ve never been quite sure whether I wanted to disclose much about who I personally am to this particular platform and while my schizoaffective disorder is not something I particularly hold back as it is a large part of my creativity. I found myself hesitant on the topic of love…

And I ask myself why?

I don’t have a good reason.

My love is very much a part of my creativity and inspiration.

So, let’s explore the Squid and their heart…

-breathes in deep and smiles-

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought.

Poly Badge


I am Pansexual and Polyamorous Continue reading

Your Monster is Stupid! (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

“Your monster isn’t really scary…”

That’s… that’s not the point…

“Omg, they’re like Twelve and Fifteen! Their interaction is really inappropriate.”

They’re just… looking at each other…

“So basically its Slender Man…”

Oh yeah definitely except like not

“They’re kids! They shouldn’t even be in situations like this”

….. umm yeah, we know. That’s… I…. okay….

“So you’re trying to Lovecraft?”

I’m trying to die actually… is it working yet?

“See, this is problematic. It supports the white savior trope.”

-slow blink- uuuh…

“Your monster is stupid!”

…. for real…?

“Its just criticism. You gotta learn to accept it.”

-sips coffee-

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought…

or whatever you’re going to freely interpret it as…


Continue reading