Danika’s Note: Tower of Babel – 15 Degrees Skyward

Show me the world you tried to create and then send it into the darkness as I have sent mine. Show the elevations you sought and then I will meet them with mine. Let us cast aside the failure and connect…


There is a Shadow… (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

I'll be her shadow while she turns everything to ash.. And I won't stop until she helped me get back what he took from me... Until she understands that the one with the power is her...

Daddy Issues (Transient Excerpt #3)

Ayida let the knife hover over her father’s neck. She pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead and brought the knife down violently on his Adam’s apple. “STOP!”

The Pale Shadow (Transient Excerpt #2)

Mind and emotion disconnected from her body and that emptiness… oh she knew that emptiness. Knew it’s taste… Death.

The Scarred Child (Transient Excerpt #1)

Remember. This isn’t about you. “My name is Ayida Jean-Baptiste.”