15 Degrees Skyward – Danika Bennet


15 Degrees Skyward - Danika Bennet.jpg

Danika Bennet of 15 Degrees Skyward

So I’m having a bit of trouble finishing the next Episode due to workload and concentration yet somehow I was able to complete this…


Anyway, this is Concept Art of Danika Bennett, one of two main protagonists in 15 Degrees Skyward which if you haven’t read “Boom” <— Click it.

I didn’t want her to be overly beautiful, but rather a simple sort of cute. So this is her at 17 — adorably awkward and such. She’s a very introverted character who operates by her own mental logic and sometimes this logic clashes with the actualities of the world. Hence why it is hard for her to convey what she means, what she desires, and what she seeks to give to others.

I hope you like it! It’s okay to share, like, and comment. I also hope this makes up for not having anything for you guys to read just yet!!! >w<


-Harli V. Park-



The Holy Dove that Moved in You

Margaret Mitchell Vamp AU


“I told you I would save her, Hawthorne…
“And by your sinI have…” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Holy Dove that Moved in You –

Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

Pairing: Margaret/Hawthorne

Theme: Demon/Priest AU

A refugee from the Civil War, Margaret takes shelter at a church where Hawthorne resides. After becoming friends and close to more, Margaret is involved in a horrible carriage accident that renders her comatose leaving Hawthorne only to pray for her recovery. However, when prayer no longer seem plausible and the doctors ask that Margaret be euthanized humanely, Hawthorne has a crisis of faith and depression feeling lost and guilty. As he begs to make it right, a Russian seeks sanctuary in his church… and offers to save Margaret out of “kindness”…

So, an idea I had for an Au fanfic that I don’t have time to write right now, so I’ll just post art for it. And Yes that’s red in her pupils.

Hope you like the arts >w< I really enjoyed designing that back

Harli V Park

Monday Night Stream Result!


Jezebel – The Cerebral Hedonist DJ

This is the result of Monday night’s stream. Thank you all who came out to watch me stumble and such. I hope to see you guys next monday when I color her and possibly do a reading. Normally the stream is at 7 but I got a late start because I’m still new to the software.

Once she is in color, I will give a detailed explanation of who she is and why she should be important to you!

See you soon

-Harli V. Park-