The Fire’s Out Anyway! (The Light We Lost)

Even on a good day we looked back and wonder "what if?" and we dream and glamorize how that should've been the choice we'd made and how much amazing it would've been had we not chosen... well... whatever we've chosen at this point in your life. However, we'll never know... Sometimes it's good that we never know.


This Book has Schizophrenia (Made You Up)

I'd like to say on a personal level… Fuck… This… Book…

The Marks We Leave Behind (the Ocean at the End of the Lane)

They are simply people of various kinds confronting the ever changing world and the disappearance of the world before it. They are simply people trying to survive.

When Love is Not Enough (Me Before You)

When I started reading the Me Before You I already knew what it was about before the prologue was over. Or rather I assumed I did. I was correct for the most part right until....the end when I got what I wanted and was heartbroken over it.

Mindless Self-Indulgence (In Other Words)

To be somewhat conclusive, the entirety of In Other Words feels very much like Lahiri is having an identity crisis.