Monday Night Stream Result!


Jezebel – The Cerebral Hedonist DJ

This is the result of Monday night’s stream. Thank you all who came out to watch me stumble and such. I hope to see you guys next monday when I color her and possibly do a reading. Normally the stream is at 7 but I got a late start because I’m still new to the software.

Once she is in color, I will give a detailed explanation of who she is and why she should be important to you!

See you soon

-Harli V. Park-


Hedonist Workshop Stream

I will begin Streaming around 8pm. There will be arting, chatting, and best of all I’m streaming Veela because Hells Yeah! Veela!

So if you like my writing you might like my art. Please feel free to pop in! live video from HedonistHarli on