The Unproductiveness of Productivity

We all know how self-help videos, planners, and books have the tagline of “Crush your goals in (insert year here)” They boast how they will increase your productivity. How they will bring order to your life in a way that leaves you free to pursue your own passions. How they will give you the tools … Continue reading The Unproductiveness of Productivity


Week 5|Chapter 5, Line 5… Share 5 Lines of Your WIP & Invite 5 Writers to Do the Same

"Dingy covers fell away, revealing a set of old white hospital pajamas draping her small body... a painful reminder of recovery..." 

"Everyone has a finite amount of time. It is the absolute currency of your success; so always remember how precious it is when someone gives it to you." -Harli V. Park-

Week Four| Your Favorite Thing that Didn’t Make It Into the Book

Laney is the embodiment of "Ho, don't do it!"

Week Three|Who Is the Book for and Why Will They Love It?

Technically, the book is for me so if you're like me you'll love it! There! Done! Easy! -snort- I'm just kidding!