Monster Love: Embracing Kaiju as a Horror Subgenre — Because How Can We Not?

A rumination on Kaiju that was much needed and much appreciated!!!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

For those of us constantly rummaging around the subgenres looking for inspiration and just plain fun Horror, there is a “new” discovery to be made. It is called Kaiju and it comes at us – like all good monsters – from several directions at once: graphic novels, comic books, classic science fiction, classic Horror, and black and white cinema… most obviously from scarier minds in Japan.

The really great thing is: you probably already know it and love it… because especially for Horror fans in the West, the newest thing about Kaiju is its name.


Love Me, Love My Monster

We’re talking big monsters... Really big. This is Kaiju…

And while if you are a Lovecraft fan, such monsters are already part of your Horror bestiary as part of Weird Fiction, many of us have left them snugly contained within the Lovecraft mythos, and the dusty black and…

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Burn Bitter

A beautiful piece of writing there you go. :3

Paris Montgomery

God’s name used to be honey. Thick. Sweet. A taste that settled heavenly on your tongue and pleased you to speak. You served ever grateful, just for the sip of his name as it uttered from your lips.

Now, it’s a tar. Too bitter – it puckers at your lips. The sludge of it clings and clogs in your throat, bubbles up when you try to speak. One little word, once a sweet balm within your mouth leaves acrid little ulcers along your tongue and spews out like bile to burn cracked lips.

Yet as you lay at Hell’s floor, looking up, up, towards that which you forsook, you speak it still. The agony of it burns just as the deathly aching cold of Hell burns. Will the bitter break and bring sweet succor back to you? You hope it does. You pray it, even if your prayers echo hollowly…

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My Heart is Legion… (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

“They’re watching a relationship you never see on TV because television stopped being black and white in the ‘60s but the shows never did…”

-People Watching…

I’m not sure how many of you read my About page or care to, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you have. You’ll notice how its carefully crafted to tell you exactly who I am and what I’m doing but its also obviously and purposely excluding details. I’ve never been quite sure whether I wanted to disclose much about who I personally am to this particular platform and while my schizoaffective disorder is not something I particularly hold back as it is a large part of my creativity. I found myself hesitant on the topic of love…

And I ask myself why?

I don’t have a good reason.

My love is very much a part of my creativity and inspiration.

So, let’s explore the Squid and their heart…

-breathes in deep and smiles-

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought.

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Your Monster is Stupid! (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

“Your monster isn’t really scary…”

That’s… that’s not the point…

“Omg, they’re like Twelve and Fifteen! Their interaction is really inappropriate.”

They’re just… looking at each other…

“So basically its Slender Man…”

Oh yeah definitely except like not

“They’re kids! They shouldn’t even be in situations like this”

….. umm yeah, we know. That’s… I…. okay….

“So you’re trying to Lovecraft?”

I’m trying to die actually… is it working yet?

“See, this is problematic. It supports the white savior trope.”

-slow blink- uuuh…

“Your monster is stupid!”

…. for real…?

“Its just criticism. You gotta learn to accept it.”

-sips coffee-

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought…

or whatever you’re going to freely interpret it as…


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Sparkle Forgiven – or How I Learned to Stop Hating Twilight (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)


I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!





I forgive you…

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and we’re finally having this thought…


…. yup…

-sips coffee- piece of…

Nope, made my peace with this.

I had just started my long-lasting, abusive relationship with retail when Twilight suddenly announced a movie. Now, strangely enough, I was a bit excited…

Scary right.

Well,  it’s not what you think.

I first read Twilight when I was going through a traumatizing time in a physical therapy unit while I was in the army. I was depressed and stuck and that was a whole other issue. But we were allowed to read…

One of my platoon had just started New Moon and was eager to give me the book to cheer me up. I was writing a random romance for escapism purposes and allowed her to read it — thus she suggested that Twilight would make me feel better. And it did. It wasn’t necessarily the greatest work of literature I’d ever read, but it is a phenomenon for a reason. It did exactly what it was supposed to… it entertained.

I read through Twilight and quite literally was alright with Edward’s behavior — it was generally no different than the behavior of the male love interest in any other dime store paperback romance I’d read before. Which is problematic in itself but I’m not here to unpack that… Leave that rant in the box please and thank you.

Bella was, in general, like most protagonists I’d read in teen and even adult romances. Stiff, dull, contemporary… average. So I didn’t allow that to color my criticism because who cared, it was just a high school romance dressed up in vampires and shit… that… you know… sparkled.

still have no idea what that sparkle was for. Like, Guy steps into the sun with sparkling abs and wants me to believe he’s a monster. Yeah okay…

But the point is, I enjoyed it. It was a fun, quick read that pulled me out of a funk and I appreciated for that. I wanted to read the others and I found myself becoming a quite placid fan sitting in the background reading the book. Of course, it would never be good enough to have an open discussion about for me. It’s prose were simplistic and you could tell the author had never really… done anything before if that makes sense. It was like reading a first draft basically and I never judged it too harshly… until… Continue reading