Amaranthine (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

What good is my love if only I can partake of it; that is, if only I can drink of its richness without the grape itself spoiling within my body?


Ballad of the Midnight Girl

She who has her heart encased in glass with no lock and no key...


You reached out to me Your hand outstretched in a certain curiosity Like I was an exotic thing in the petting zoo You were not ready for what I could do to you   Serves you right   When I bit down so hard and bled you For not respecting me for the predator I … Continue reading Predator


Ill-fated Collision in the wake Of misconstrued madness that is The universal zeitgeist

Hanging in Revolution

Inner peace… Unobtainable when the world is turning Spinning on it’s axis as I spin on your axis Challenging your rotation with my perspectives And balancing your magnetic fields instead of my own