Your Monster is Stupid! (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

“Your monster isn’t really scary…”

That’s… that’s not the point…

“Omg, they’re like Twelve and Fifteen! Their interaction is really inappropriate.”

They’re just… looking at each other…

“So basically its Slender Man…”

Oh yeah definitely except like not

“They’re kids! They shouldn’t even be in situations like this”

….. umm yeah, we know. That’s… I…. okay….

“So you’re trying to Lovecraft?”

I’m trying to die actually… is it working yet?

“See, this is problematic. It supports the white savior trope.”

-slow blink- uuuh…

“Your monster is stupid!”

…. for real…?

“Its just criticism. You gotta learn to accept it.”

-sips coffee-

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… and here comes a thought…

or whatever you’re going to freely interpret it as…


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A Millennial’s Resolve… (Oh no, I said a Dirty Word)


Stock Image, but very close to how my bed looks right now  (I don’t own a Beats Pill… I don’t know anyone who does…)

“I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”

-Monty Oum

It’s actually been quite difficult to complete my more serious plans for my blog considering I either am working far too much or my days off are filled with me being so sick I can’t accomplish anything. That being said, it’s 1 am and here comes a thought…

I can’t say there’s anything glamorous about my life. I can’t say if anyone actually reads my musings and enjoy them. I can’t even say this blog gets much traffic other than the few loyal that haunt me like friendly little ghosts in the dashboard stats. But, I can say that no matter what, I am trying…

My world has always been filled with misfortune in which being socially acceptable, kind, and approachable and being quite literally someone who gives zero fucks are constantly at war with each other.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Yet one thing that does not change is my work ethic.

People who are outside looking in, always believe my aversion to jobs — 9-to-5s, retail, customer service, food service, sanitation, even becoming apart of the american dream in a white collar position — is nothing more than a simple laziness and that often I am merely hiding behind my illness. That my Schizoaffective Disorder is a convenience so that I don’t have to function in society. Its even been labeled a burden for others around me.

However, it is not a burden that defines me, nor is it a simple convenience. It is simply a facet of me and it has nothing to do with my work ethic. Everyday that I have energy and breath I wake and put pen to paper, fingertip to keyboard, and mouse clicks to research links. I digitally socialize, I scroll through Facebook and Twitter, but I am also always working. My mind is a constant factory of ideas and production, arranging core thoughts, edits, information, and lore at such speeds that it has to compete with the severe anxiety and obsessive thoughts that act as spontaneously shifting tectonic plates beneath the surface of a fragmented mind.

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Choosing Beta Readers

Very sound advice. -whispers- the Nokia analogy is the best part!

Acres of Ink

Choosing Beta Readers


You’ve written a book.


Books are meant to be read, but your first draft is probably not the prize winner you want it to be. Not yet, anyway. That certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be, but you need some fresh eyes. When I first wrote The Elder Throne, my finished first draft was a flawed, exhausted thing. Instead of jumping right into the Beta Reading pool, I knew I had to run it pasta developmental editor for a second opinion. Of course, that’s just me. Not everyone wants to do that, and that’s fair enough. What every writer should do, however, is choose a group of Beta Readers. And here’s how.

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And I Heard as I Never Heard Before…


Tina Guo – Cellist

I am notorious for creating whole soundtracks to what I am writing. They are as essential to me as the writing itself. Without them I can’t capture the mood or, even worse, sometimes I can’t envision the scene and the characters. Being a major movie nerd, I believe, has conditioned me to choosing the right music for the right moment for the right scene.

It involves knowing where vocalizations are needed for accenting the awe a characters is feeling, knowing when lyrics portray everything the characters can’t or do not wish to say out loud, knowing when just the swell of bow on string is enough to give meaning to final thoughts as a character dies. Sometimes the music is just a part of the scenery for me and has no purpose other than to set the tone of the world my characters are in. I often wish there was a way for every book to have a soundtrack included with it when you buy it to better translate what I have seen for these characters to you. Continue reading

Lovecraft, the APA & Horror: a Manifesto of the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers APA

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Writing is one of the most personally punishing of the professions we could choose. We learn in a vacuum, taught by other people who are also feeling their way along because those “in the know” haven’t a clue on how to tell us what they want without belittling our every effort.

So how do we “preserve” what we do if we cannot get published? When you are ready to look back on your Life’s Work, will it be with an eye to the next winter’s fire, hidden in an attic, or bequeathed to a reluctant relative?

Who will know what you wrote? And what if it’s not that it was “bad” – it was simply not in style when written?

Lovecraft3The Same Thing Happened – to LOVECRAFT

I am not saying that we are the best judges of our work, or that an unsuspecting public deserves to be inundated with…

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