A Little Bit of Insight (Queer Romance)

Today, we’re going to talk about heteronormativity. Strap on your big-kid panties.

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All the important people are buzzing around under a gray, cold and dreary sky downtown, in the heart of evil, where everyone wears at least four different faces in their eight-hour shifts. The first is to con their equally miserable co-workers, in which they hate. Sometimes they silently pray for each others’ suicide or murder. […]

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Choosing Beta Readers

Very sound advice. -whispers- the Nokia analogy is the best part!

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Choosing Beta Readers


You’ve written a book.


Books are meant to be read, but your first draft is probably not the prize winner you want it to be. Not yet, anyway. That certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be, but you need some fresh eyes. When I first wrote The Elder Throne, my finished first draft was a flawed, exhausted thing. Instead of jumping right into the Beta Reading pool, I knew I had to run it pasta developmental editor for a second opinion. Of course, that’s just me. Not everyone wants to do that, and that’s fair enough. What every writer should do, however, is choose a group of Beta Readers. And here’s how.

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Lovecraft, the APA & Horror: a Manifesto of the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers APA

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Writing is one of the most personally punishing of the professions we could choose. We learn in a vacuum, taught by other people who are also feeling their way along because those “in the know” haven’t a clue on how to tell us what they want without belittling our every effort.

So how do we “preserve” what we do if we cannot get published? When you are ready to look back on your Life’s Work, will it be with an eye to the next winter’s fire, hidden in an attic, or bequeathed to a reluctant relative?

Who will know what you wrote? And what if it’s not that it was “bad” – it was simply not in style when written?

Lovecraft3The Same Thing Happened – to LOVECRAFT

I am not saying that we are the best judges of our work, or that an unsuspecting public deserves to be inundated with…

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Intermission – I may be dying…


I know who killed me…

So my body has this talent of catching something as simple as the flu from someone and turning into the 8th layer of hell….

I caught the flu, which evolved into upper respiratory…in 24hrs because I am the gifted of all immune systems. I’m glad no one else caught it from me because I tend to mutate illnesses into something ten times worse and pass it on to everyone. Basically like a biological weapon. But yes, I shall return once I’m better and have less on my plate.

I have sooo many blog posts in draft right now, but I refuse to post until I can do my best because this is my baby. Anyway, those of you who keep returning and leaving me comments you are so, soooo much appreciated. Especially you KC Redding -Gonzales, you’re one of my favorite people and bloggers. I’ll be back to commented on your work soon.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

Love you all,

Harli V. Park

P.S. Fever makes you hallucinate some seriously wicked shit!