Doubt (Don’t Forget About Me)

Preptober's lookin' real sweet.


The Fire’s Out Anyway! (The Light We Lost)

Even on a good day we looked back and wonder "what if?" and we dream and glamorize how that should've been the choice we'd made and how much amazing it would've been had we not chosen... well... whatever we've chosen at this point in your life. However, we'll never know... Sometimes it's good that we never know.

Monster Love: Embracing Kaiju as a Horror Subgenre — Because How Can We Not?

A rumination on Kaiju that was much needed and much appreciated!!!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

For those of us constantly rummaging around the subgenres looking for inspiration and just plain fun Horror, there is a “new” discovery to be made. It is called Kaiju and it comes at us – like all good monsters – from several directions at once: graphic novels, comic books, classic science fiction, classic Horror, and black and white cinema… most obviously from scarier minds in Japan.

The really great thing is: you probably already know it and love it… because especially for Horror fans in the West, the newest thing about Kaiju is its name.


Love Me, Love My Monster

We’re talking big monsters... Really big. This is Kaiju…

And while if you are a Lovecraft fan, such monsters are already part of your Horror bestiary as part of Weird Fiction, many of us have left them snugly contained within the Lovecraft mythos, and the dusty black and…

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This Book has Schizophrenia (Made You Up)

I'd like to say on a personal level… Fuck… This… Book…

Monday! -sips wine- Oh boy…

Yeah... you guys have a book roast coming. Quiver in anticipation cause I am straight putting the hurt on it come Thursday.