Danika’s Note: Tower of Babel – 15 Degrees Skyward

There’s this belief… this religious myth that the reason we have so many different languages is

This religious myth that the reason we have so many different languages is because long ago, humans attempted to build a tower so high that they reached the heavens. They angered the god that resided there by attempting to reach his elevation… his divinity, I expect. So that could he confounded them. He took words from our tongues and replaced each with words that could no longer reach others and be understood. They could no longer communicate with each other and so the culmination of their unity crumbled….

That god… divided us…

But, that’s illogical, isn’t it…

Perhaps it was not that this god replaced the language… perhaps it wasn’t common tongue that was taken from us. After all, humans possess the capacity to learn – that is, to speak as many languages as they each are capable of learning. People can even pick up phrases and words that were given and borrowed and cloned from other languages. People can and will communicate.

That god did not divide us…

No, a better way to say it is: that god disconnected us…

I believe this was the moment we stopped reaching those heights together and started trying to reach them alone. Thus, we all sit upon the ruins of our own towers; these absolute sums of all our emotions, all of our genius, all of our free will. The absolute sums of our uniqueness. And we stand alone, no one able to reach our elevation… No one able to help us get higher…

Each of our towers sits there at different heights…

Mine sits so high that I cannot see up or down or even around me. There’s nothing there at this level. Nothing… I sit here and I can’t come down, but I can’t go any higher. This is the curse, this is the confounding. We stand alone at the precipice of everything we want, everything we try to accomplish only to be stricken down by our own limitations because we can no longer connect and climb higher!

But… in the distance there is a light. There is another world somewhere through the darkness. Another tower gleaming in the light that looks just like mine! It’s warm and blinking and calling out because it can climb no higher. I want to reach out to it. I want to touch that…

I want to connect…

It’s a whisper.

A breath, a sigh escaping from my heaven to yours that ends the world that I created alone and begins the world we will create together. This whisper carries across the distance upon the dream that I have always shared with you… even when I didn’t realize it myself. It reaches out and brushed just against the side of your face to caress your ear asking, requesting… begging you to wake up.

Show me the world you tried to create and then send it into the darkness as I have sent mine. Show me the elevations you sought and then I will meet them with mine.

Let us cast aside the failure and connect…

Don’t you see?

I do not believe that it was language that that god took from humans, that the confounding was the spoken word. The confounding was connection… the connection of what is our free will… what is our uniqueness… what is our soul …

I send this whisper of connection, of words no spoken or written language knows upon the wings of our shared dream and I wait for you to whisper back…

Only then, can our towers converge…

Only then, can we reach the heavens we’ve both longed for…

Maybe then, when I hear my words in your tongue, I can believe they are true…

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Author Notes: A small glimpse into the mind of Danika Bennet and her need to connect. I’m slowly crawling towards the completion of Episode 2 and will be posting it soon. Danika is a very unique girl, isn’t she…

Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope you’re enjoying the slow crawl of content. Monday I’ll have more to say and I should have Episode 2 up before then… should being the operative word! 😀

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15 Degrees Skyward – Danika Bennet


15 Degrees Skyward - Danika Bennet.jpg

Danika Bennet of 15 Degrees Skyward

So I’m having a bit of trouble finishing the next Episode due to workload and concentration yet somehow I was able to complete this…


Anyway, this is Concept Art of Danika Bennett, one of two main protagonists in 15 Degrees Skyward which if you haven’t read “Boom” <— Click it.

I didn’t want her to be overly beautiful, but rather a simple sort of cute. So this is her at 17 — adorably awkward and such. She’s a very introverted character who operates by her own mental logic and sometimes this logic clashes with the actualities of the world. Hence why it is hard for her to convey what she means, what she desires, and what she seeks to give to others.

I hope you like it! It’s okay to share, like, and comment. I also hope this makes up for not having anything for you guys to read just yet!!! >w<


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Monday Update!!!!

So I said I’d update every Monday, so here it is!!!

Welcome to the Cerebral Hedonist… here comes a half-formed thought.



Let’s see…

I got 15 Degrees Skyward off the ground and thank you so much for all of the good feedback! I really appreciate it. If you haven’t begun the experience just yet here’s a link to the published content for it here:

15 Degrees Skyward

I hope you find it pleasing and interesting enough to follow.

I am actually quite amazed that people have enjoyed it as much as they have and are actually interested in seeing more. For that I am so grateful. You guys are awesome.

As for Transient, its still being worked heavily on and I’ve got myself a solid professional editor to help me bring it to its fullest so that you can see the world as I see it through this dreadful tale. I will be continuing to write asides and character monologues for it as I get inspired and share them here so something to look forwards to.

Most importantly my life has been work, work, work. I’m going to be giving up editing for a while until I finish Transient because between it and work I haven’t had time to focus on what I’m trying to do. That’s no bueno. So I’m making sure I have the time to make you content, excel at my job, and achieve my goals. So something had to go and editing was it.


Not much to report other than promotion might be happening for me which will give me more leeway to do more with this site without being bone deep tired. Other than that, I’ll have Episode 2 of Skyward up soon and I’ll see you guys next Monday!!!!

I started writing this on Monday and ended on Tuesday. Beautiful life! Thanks for all your support -muah!-

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The Holy Dove that Moved in You

Margaret Mitchell Vamp AU


“I told you I would save her, Hawthorne…
“And by your sinI have…” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Holy Dove that Moved in You –

Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

Pairing: Margaret/Hawthorne

Theme: Demon/Priest AU

A refugee from the Civil War, Margaret takes shelter at a church where Hawthorne resides. After becoming friends and close to more, Margaret is involved in a horrible carriage accident that renders her comatose leaving Hawthorne only to pray for her recovery. However, when prayer no longer seem plausible and the doctors ask that Margaret be euthanized humanely, Hawthorne has a crisis of faith and depression feeling lost and guilty. As he begs to make it right, a Russian seeks sanctuary in his church… and offers to save Margaret out of “kindness”…

So, an idea I had for an Au fanfic that I don’t have time to write right now, so I’ll just post art for it. And Yes that’s red in her pupils.

Hope you like the arts >w< I really enjoyed designing that back

Harli V Park

Burn Bitter

A beautiful piece of writing there you go. :3

Paris Montgomery

God’s name used to be honey. Thick. Sweet. A taste that settled heavenly on your tongue and pleased you to speak. You served ever grateful, just for the sip of his name as it uttered from your lips.

Now, it’s a tar. Too bitter – it puckers at your lips. The sludge of it clings and clogs in your throat, bubbles up when you try to speak. One little word, once a sweet balm within your mouth leaves acrid little ulcers along your tongue and spews out like bile to burn cracked lips.

Yet as you lay at Hell’s floor, looking up, up, towards that which you forsook, you speak it still. The agony of it burns just as the deathly aching cold of Hell burns. Will the bitter break and bring sweet succor back to you? You hope it does. You pray it, even if your prayers echo hollowly…

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